your Boxer

just got easier…

Get enjoyable training, professional advice and support in training your Boxer

Does walking your Boxer feel like an ongoing battle?

Does he

  • pull and lunge on a lead?
  • chase other dogs, bikes, birds, squirrels?
  • jump at people?
  • ignore recall?

Is it difficult for you to enjoy your walks together?

Or maybe you struggle with your Boxer’s

Bad manners? Over-excitement? Chewing and biting? Lack of focus?
He’s perfect in a training class but forgets everything as soon as you leave?

  • Bad manners?
  • Over-excitement?
  • Chewing and biting?
  • Lack of focus?
  • He’s perfect in a training class but forgets everything as soon as you leave?

Do you feel frustrated? Embarrassed? Lost?

Thankfully, it’s all about to change…

Introducing the Bombproof Boxer Training Club

The Training Club is the only training solution built specifically for Boxers and with Boxers

It’s packed with enjoyable, clear and easy to understand training resources to help you become the better Boxer owner and bring the best out of your dog.

AND it’s also an amazing community of other Boxer parents,
sharing the same struggles as you.

What Makes the Training Club Stand Out

What Makes
the Training Club
Stand Out

Tailored specifically for Boxers

Our resources, videos, and techniques are tailored specifically to Boxer dogs, taking into account their unique characteristics and needs.

We Live and Breathe Boxers

With three Boxers of our own and years of hands-on experience working with the breed, our knowledge comes from real-life experiences.

Compassionate and Positive Training

We use reward-based methods that create a safe and enjoyable training experience for your Boxer. We focus on building a strong bond with your dog, rooted in trust and understanding.

Supportive Community

A thriving community of passionate Boxer owners dedicated to training their dogs. Our club members are here to lift you up and celebrate your successes together.

Honest and Authentic

We don’t believe in shortcuts or selling you empty promises. We’re all about keeping it real and providing a genuine training experience that will make a difference in your Boxer’s life (and yours!).

Real-Life Training for You

Step outside the classroom and learn how to train your Boxer in real-life situations. Gain the skills and confidence to handle any challenge that comes your way.

Members of the Training Club:

Experience real progress

in training their Boxers by using exercises which work for their dogs.

Get the skills

to overcome challenges and achieve their training goals.

Build an understanding

of their Boxer’s behaviour, actions, needs, and emotions.

Create a stronger bond

and deepen the relationship with their Boxers through trust and understanding.

Gain confidence

in handling their Boxer in various real-life situations.

Get expert guidance

and feedback from a qualified Boxer-specialized dog trainer and behaviorist.

Enjoy training

their Boxers and seeing their dogs becoming more engaged and focused on them.

Enjoy training

their Boxers and seeing their dogs becoming more engaged and focused on them.

Hi! I’m Justyna

I’m the owner of three Boxers and I’m a dog trainer and behaviourist.

My job is to help Boxer owners to understand their dogs and to provide training tools that help to create a Bombproof Boxer – the Boxer that is your best companion, your dream dog that is making you proud everywhere.

I have years of hands-on experience in training dogs combined with extensive knowledge gained from successfully passing courses, behaviour studies, seminars, events, and shadowing the work of the finest trainers in the UK, Europe and the USA.

I’m fully qualified with IMDT, PDT, BCOCS, SOCS, WSDA, a member of IAABC and ATA.

The dog training industry is constantly evolving and I strive to expand my education and develop even further. I focus on understanding the boxer owner’s journey, from a happy puppy to a nervous dog with a bite history.

I love the breed and my goal is to make every Boxer’s life the best it can be.


Over 100 training videos

(£1999 value)


Loose Lead Walking, Recall, Reactivity, Calmness, Focus and all Life-Skills

👉 Clear, easy to follow and short. 👈

This way you can easily incorporate them in your regular daily activities, like during mealtimes or when walking your dog out. 😉

Very quickly it becomes a good habit and won’t even feel like training anymore. 💪

It becomes natural.

And fun. 😀

Because training your Boxer should be fun and enjoyable both for you and your dog.

So ditch stressful walks and boring, ineffective training and start training your Boxer with Bombproof Boxer Training Club. 📣

Game Plans

(£1999 value)

If you want to focus on a specific struggle

Do you prefer a more structured approach to training with your Boxer, where one step leads to the next one?

Inside the Bombproof Boxer Training Club you can find training plans for Loose Lead walking, Recall, Calmness and Reactivity.

If you want to focus 🎯 on overcoming a specific struggle, our Game Plans will:
✅ tell you exactly what exercises to practice
✅ help you to choose the right locations for your training sessions.

And you and your Boxer will have our support all through your journey. 💪

Bi-weekly Live Sessions

(£999 value)

where we talk about specific subjects and answer your questions

If you’re interested in more than just training your Boxer, if you love learning more about Boxers as a breed and as dogs in general, you will find a ton of interesting information in our bi-weekly live sessions.

⭐️ They cover a variety of different subjects: training, diet, neutering, psychology…⭐️
All are recorded and the collection is constantly growing.

Baby Boxer

(£149 value)

A puppy course for Boxer puppies

Six weeks of content broken down into daily video lessons where you can step by step learn how to teach your Boxer to:
✅ ignore distractions
✅ walk nicely on lead
✅ come back when called
✅ be calm and confident

without losing their Boxer personality😍

Baby Boxer is all about helping you to socialise your puppy the right way, while building an unbreakable bond and laying foundations for future training at the same time.

⭐️ All this through kind, positive and reward-based training methods, where training is fun for both owner and their pup. ⭐️

30 Days Of Rescue with Max

(£299 value)

Planning on getting a rescue Boxer?
Or maybe you’ve just welcomed one into the family?

30 Days Of Rescue with Max is a unique chronicle that you will find inside our Bombproof Boxer Training Club, documenting Max’s stay with us and our dogs in October.

Day by day, in 30 videos we give you tips on:
✅ helping your new addition get used to their new life
✅ how to start building a great relationship
✅ safe introduction to existing household pets
✅ how to kick-start the training with your rescue

Training your rescue Boxer just got easier!

Cooperative Handling Course

(£149 value)

For vet visits, post surgeries management and regular body examinations

Cooperative Handling is training your dog to be comfortable and willing to participate calmly during any handling scenarios, such as examining their body, cleaning ears, removing a tick, nail trimming, and also being easy to handle during vet visits.

Bombproof Boxer Cooperative Handling Course covers:
✅ Ears Cleaning & Applying Ear Drops
✅ Body Investigations
✅ Applying Eye Drops
✅ Muzzle Training
✅ Grooming
✅ Teeth & Mouth Inspections
✅ Successful Vet Visits
✅ Bath Times
✅ Injections And Blood Draws
✅ Post-Surgery Management

Monthly Zoom Classes

(£29 value each)

Our Boxers-only virtual training classes

Now you can join the training class without leaving your own home!



In the Training Club you are never on your own

You will have access to our members-only Facebook group, which is a truly special place. It’s a judgment-free zone and we all learn from each other. Members also post videos of their Boxers so we can give personalised feedback to help you progress.


Mini Nutrition Course

(£10 value)

DIY Dog Toys Tutorials

(£39 value)

Halloween Trick&Treat Training

(£99 value)

Worth a Total Value £5771

Start now with a 2-Day Free Trial

Experience the best in Boxer training with full access to all our resources, at no charge for the first 48 hours.

How the 2-Day Free Trial works

Our 2-Day Free Trial gives you full access to all our resources without any charges for the first 48 hours.

To start your trial, you’ll need to provide your payment details. This is to ensure a seamless transition to a paid subscription should you choose to continue after the trial.

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged during the trial period. If you decide our club is not the right fit for you, simply cancel within the 48-hour window, and you will not be charged.

Please note, to avoid being charged after the trial, make sure to cancel your membership before the 48-hour trial period ends. This ensures that you will not incur any charges if you decide the Training Club is not for you.

Simply choose your payment plan below to join us and start training your Boxer


48 hours FREE

Then £39/month

(approx. $52/month)

*unless cancelled within the 48-hour trial period

Recurring monthly payment, which you can cancel anytime

14-day Money Back Guarantee


  • Library with training videos and training plans
  • Support in your training through our members-only community
  • Bi-weekly subject-specific and Q&A live sessions
  • Monthly Zoom Training Class
  • Baby Boxer puppy course
  • 30 Days Of Rescue chronicle
  • Cooperative Handling course
  • Bonuses: Mini Nutrition Course, DIY Dog Toys Tutorials, Halloween Trick&Treat Training


48 hours FREE

Then £390/year

(approx. $502/year)

*unless cancelled within the 48-hour trial period

Get 12 months for the price of 10!

14-day Money Back Guarantee


  • Library with training videos and training plans
  • Support in your training through our members-only community
  • Bi-weekly subject-specific and Q&A live sessions
  • Monthly Zoom Training Class
  • Baby Boxer puppy course
  • 30 Days Of Rescue chronicle
  • Cooperative Handling course
  • Bonuses: Mini Nutrition Course, DIY Dog Toys Tutorials, Halloween Trick&Treat Training

Your purchase comes with a 14-day No Questions Asked Guarantee

If you don’t think the content is for you, just get in touch with us within first 14 days and we’ll refund your payment.

What OUR members are saying

April 7, 2024

This club has saved me!! I learned so much about our Boxer's needs and the importance of impulse control and boundaries and the right way to play with him. Love the variety of methods they provide for training, through theory sessions and videos, live Q & A’s, monthly games and challenges. I now have access to a community of support. I used to dread going for walks as they would end in tears, now I come home from a walk so proud of myself and our puppy. Our relationship grew so much and have a stronger trust and bond.

Eddie Thomson
April 4, 2024

I was at a loss with my Boxer before I joined the training club but learning all the training exercises I can now confidently take her anywhere! If you're struggling with your Boxer then look no further, you've found the best!

Julie Harris
April 2, 2024

Me and Billie are getting along really well with the training club she is nearly 2 yes old. Bombproof Boxer training has helped me to understand my boxers needs, and learning how play can help with training too and have fun games to play. She now is walking on the lead really well and her reactivity is now improving now that I have a better understanding on how to manage it. Also there is lots of videos to watch on training too. Still got a long way to go but definitely an improvement since joining the club.

April 2, 2024

I have had several Boxers for over 26 years and training was difficult at times. I have an 8 month old male going through his adolescent stage now and the training videos and techniques are a wonderful tool for navigating through this and any stage of training your Boxer. Bombproof Boxer has so many videos that give step by step instruction right from puppy hood right on through to adulthood. You can also post videos of yourself and of your Boxer training for advice. Everyone here is very helpful. Justyna is so very informative with everything and explains the different techniques very clearly and will help with your training if needed. My boy Hooch and I have benefitted a great deal from this site!

Barb Sawyer
April 2, 2024

I did most of the free challenges that Bombproof Boxer put on the Facebook page and enjoyed some new ideas. When I lost my boxer girl and got a puppy I joined the Training Club. We've been working on the exercises in the Baby boxer section and Lutie is doing great. The training is explained simply during the videos and easy to follow. Boxers are a breed of their own and Justyna is in tune with this which us why I will continue in the club. I definitely urge anyone with a boxer to try the club. Even if you're across the globe and working with another trainer - like I am - you won't regret it.

Garry Turner
April 2, 2024

We had Ruby from a pup but realised quite quickly she was very anxious and lacked confidence. After trying 3 different dog ‘trainers’ without much success, we came across Bombproof Boxer back 2021 and joined. Wow!! what a difference we have seen in Ruby. Weekly videos, Zoom sessions, Training Camps, regular challenge weeks and of course Justyna’s “Ask me anything” sessions have made a massive improvement to how WE can improve Ruby’s life. She is much more confident and less reactive because Justyna has taught US how to manage challenging situations. We are totally indebted to Bombproof Boxer for the incredible transformation in our dog.
Also the camaraderie, help and great fun we have with other members of the training club is invaluable. Really can’t speak highly enough about how The Boxerwitch has improved our lives not just Ruby’s

April 2, 2024

I’m so glad I found this training site for my Boxer.
The training videos are short and easy to follow and implement.
I have been using these videos to train and have found them to be extremely useful and they work!
I would highly recommend Bombproof training!
It did not take long for my girl to catch on! Thanks for making videos that are short and to the point.

Anna Pollard
April 2, 2024

We joined the training club when our boxer Halle was 7 months old and in the 3 months we’ve been members the change we’ve seen in her behaviour is unbelievable! She has gone from dragging us on every walk to walking nicely next to the pushchair, she can settle calmly at home and increasingly out and about. She is so well bonded and attached to us and I’ve gone from dreading walking her alone to looking forward to it. We are working through on-lead reactivity around dogs now and although this is still a work in progress, we already have loads of tools to help us to help Halle and we feel so well supported by Justyna and all the other group members! We’ve made so much more progress here than we did in the in-person training groups and are grateful every day that we joined this club!

Andrea Tongue
April 2, 2024

It’s extremely helpful with all training and any difficulties you are having with your beloved boxers

Becky Sykes
March 19, 2024

Our 4 year old male Boxer, Ajay, is gorgeous, loving and full of fun. But like many Boxers he is not without his quirks, our main issue being occasional dog reactivity. Joining Bombproof Boxer Training Club has made a world of difference, with huge improvements in his behaviour, our relationship with him, and all of our confidence levels. Ajay loves the game based training, it’s not work to him but just a big part of his fun filled days and love of life! With monthly zoom training, regular Facebook Lives on all sorts of topics, member driven Q and A sessions, a massive library of training videos, game plans, real life case studies and so much more, Bombproof Boxer is way more than just a training club. Justyna (aka Boxer Witch) is always available to provide timely, constructive feedback and help when you post questions and videos in the group. And last but by no means least, the fabulous community of fellow Bombs provide invaluable support and an awful lot of fun!
If you want even more, you can attend the Summer camp in Scotland, it might be a long way to go for some of us but that’s nothing compared to how far it advances you on your training journey! My only regret… not signing up to BB when Ajay was a puppy!

Hayley Fulljames
March 9, 2024

We was first time boxer owners had a retriever before and I thought I had done my research on the breed which I had to a point. (But needed help with lead pulling, excitement, door manners and arousal when out & about)

My breeder had told me of Bombproof Boxer and it’s proved for us as a family invaluable help advice and fun whilst training!
The solid foundations we have through training will be with us into his old age!

All the online Sunday zoom training is so much fun, the live talks on Facebook group on subjects, the training library is fantastic and we often rewatch the short training clips so we can practice something knew or just practice our technique.

Most of all understanding the boxer and how they learn and how to provide them with enrichment, play and how this builds such a bond between us is amazing.

I would highly recommend the club to any one with a boxer from puppy to senior you won't look back! 🐾

Thank you Justyna xx

Tamara Verstraelen
March 9, 2024

I learned so much from the training club, which has led to my doggie and I having a balanced and happy bond. In the beginning he was not my biggest fan, jumping and biting me every chance he got. When I started of with foundations and boundries, this quickly changed. We still train every day and we face a challenge which I have no idea how to deal with, there is Justyna and the training club members to advice and get me on the right track. I have not regretted for a minute being part of this positive, supporting training club, looking forward to many more wise lessons!

March 8, 2024

Participating in the club helps primarily because its members exchange observations and challenges with their boxers, post videos of training and real-life situations (not staged). The ability to use the Club's resources at any time in the form of videos - theory or practice is great support in the development of work with your dog. Thanks to the club, I learned many new challenges, exercises and games for my girls. It's great that there is ongoing contact with Justyna - a very communicative person who tries to support everyone in the club.

Vanessa and Olive
March 8, 2024

We joined the Training Club when our puppy was 16 weeks old and it was the best decision we’ve made since getting her! We followed the Baby Boxer course over 6 weeks which is set out clearly and logically with short videos to demonstrate the basics of what we need to do to start on our training journey with her. After that, there is a huge training library of videos showing other essentials to focus on, lots of games and other activities to help you and your boxer to learn.

Justyna really understands and loves boxers which is so clear in all her training. There is so much emphasis on play as if your boxer isn’t having fun they won’t learn. The importance of building a strong relationship with your dog is also stressed. The training videos are well explained and clearly set out and Justyna explains how we can take our training out into the real world, not just at home.

There is a great Facebook group of other members who are so supportive, friendly and is a brilliant source of advice from other owners who have faced the same challenges that we have. Justyna is also very responsive within the group, responding to queries and giving personalised advice too.

Very happy to recommend the training club to all boxer owners, whether you are a new owner or have an older dog.

March 8, 2024

I had spent a lot of money and wasted with personal dog trainers near me. It wasn’t until I came across Bombproof Boxer a few times on Facebook and thought there’s no harm taking a look. I have two gorgeous boxers, 1 boy and 1 girl. I had been told that they were untrainable and had difficulties. Since signing up for the Bombproof Boxer page, I have not looked back. I am able to walk both my dogs (at the moment individually) but able to walk them by my side. This group has been so friendly, supportive, kind with positive and negative feedback and made some good friends along the way.
I would say to people don’t wait as long as I did to join. It’s been amazing and worth all the money.
Thank you Terri, loki and Kiki xx

March 8, 2024

I’d tried other trainers for Roxy before and we still hadn’t managed to conquer some of her behaviour problems. Reactivity, barking and pulling on lead were our main issues when we joined. We’re nearly a year in the club now and I see improvements all the time. She’s more focused on me, we have a better relationship, she’s starting to walk better on lead and her confidence is growing all the time. We still have a way to go but I know I wouldn’t have got this far without the help of Justyna and all the members who are so supportive. It’s a great community where you feel like people get you and understand your struggles. Would highly recommend it to any boxer owner and my only regret is that I didn’t find it when Roxy was a puppy ❤️

December 17, 2023

Bombproof Boxer Training Club has given me so many skills that have very quickly helped me to get much better focus from my Boxer. There is tons of info that I can access any time I like and the other members give fantastic support. I don't hesitate to recommend this training club.

Madge Meyrick
September 3, 2023

I can access video lessons to help with my training at any time .
There’s also online training which you can join for support and help. It gives you new ways of thinking.
The camps look great but been unable to access them as they’re a fair distance from my home

Dorothy Carroll
September 2, 2023

I was getting nowhere with Tucker's recall until I started the Bombproof Boxer Training Club way. Now he comes when I call. He also leaves things when I say leave it.

May 8, 2023

This training club is exactly what Vinnie and I needed. I found out about it just as I was feeling like I was failing him and was getting frustrated at leash biting, jumping up etc. After just over a year, I feel much more confident, my relationship with my boy is strong now and I enjoy him on a whole different level- making the most of him doing what a boxer does best- being a boxer! Justyna and the group are so warm, welcoming, supportive and helpful. Amazing club!!!

Penny Owen
May 6, 2023

I was lucky finding Bombproof before I got Gelert as I've never had a puppy before so I watched the videos over and over. The videos are great, I like being able to pick one or two things to work on at a time. Justyna does challenges too which we love having a go at. Gelert is a typical bouncy boxer, still a teenager but comes to school with me and calmly deals with fire and lock down drills, playground duty with kids running everywhere and shouting, he's previnted fights, calmed angry kids and comforted sad ones. He still wants to chase anything moving and is football mad but improving which is only possible through training. I love the Facebook community, it's inspiring to see other's videos and to also know you're not the only one when things go wrong. It's amazing to be able to post a training disaster knowing I will only get support and encouragement from fellow bombs and advice from Justyna and wonderful to get praise on an achievement. I could not have dreamed Gelert would be able to learn so much, we went to a training day when he was 4 months old, I was just praying we would get through the day without him eating the floor but he did feet up, middle and recall off lead. Being in the training club has given me the belief I can deal with any situation out walking and make sure Gelert continues to be happy and learns more and mare. I love Bombproof Boxer so much I would seriously consider giving up wine if I had to, to pay for my subscription.

Terri Reynolds
May 5, 2023

I started the training club looking for help with excitement reactivity. The training club has taught me many training tools that I have seen improvement in a few weeks. By showing videos I have learned alot of little adjustments that Justyna and members have pointed out. I never thought such little things could make a difference but they did. Also by seeing everyone's videos it give you a great picture of how to use these tools out and about. If you have a boxer and you want good quality training and good people this is the place to be. 100%satisfied!!

May 5, 2023

Bombproof boxers offered us a different aspect of training which is more fun for our boxer and for us too.
Such a different approach from other training clubs. Our boxer was reactive and is now comfortable around other dogs and more happy.

Kirsty Metcalf
May 5, 2023

The ditch the dish is a game changer if you can keep the dogs focus. One of mine is very food orientated whilst the other is a bit hit and miss so a work in progress but we have certainly seen improvements....... Each piece of kibble is a training opportunity 😊. Also the lure toy is a hit with one but not so much the other but he's more interested when there is competition with the other dog who loves it. Sit, wait, get it is quite impressive with 2 but hanging in to over 65 kg is a bit of a challenge 😂. Easy, Memorable tips for all behaviour issues. Very happy with the progress.

Alison Barton
May 5, 2023

It has built a strong relationship with my dog who now asks to play & train. The support that you receive from the club in particular Justyna's feedback is amazing & shows that she really does care about all her members & their dogs. Our training is ongoing & knowing that others have had similar issues really helps to keep your confidence going. It is also great to see the support of other members. Worth every penny. Thank you

Joyce Falconer
May 5, 2023

Bombproof training is a MUST for boxer owners.
Proud Mum to 2 boys under 2years old ,boxer owner for 40years and I have learnt so much in a few months
Bombproof training has made our walks enjoyable my dogs happy and content and a relaxed owner
My dogs aren’t perfect ,I don’t want them to be machines that go into automatic they are individuals with different requirements and training has shown me this
Advice from me would be watch the videos re watch the videos then watch them again ,this will help you to help your boxer to be the adorable lovable dog that’s inside waiting to shine

Jackie Keogh
May 4, 2023

Joining the training club in November last year has been the best decision we’ve made. Belle was just over a year old & a typical bouncy boxer baby. Although we’d been using reward based training since we got her the training club gave us the tools to go right back to basics & Belle picked it up really quickly & loves the training. The biggest issue we had was over excitement when meeting people/other dogs or anything that caught her attention when outside & being like a Tasmanian devil when anyone visited the house. She is now able to ignore most distractions while outside & we’re more aware of how full her bucket can become. My daughter & boyfriend can visit & actually relax without us having to crate Belle. There’s still lots more work to be done to be totally bombproof but we’re definitely going in the right direction. The fact you can do the training at your own pace & fit it into your usual routine has really made the difference for us. As Justyna says “Slow is fast”. Once you have completed the foundation training you can choose from a multitude of areas to work on. Ours was focus & calming activities. Being in the club not only gives you the expertise of a trainer who knows the breed inside out but the input of all the other members who are or who have been in the same situation as ourselves & it’s great to see training happening in real time. If you’ve got a typical bouncy boxer, one who pulls on the lead or one with selective deafness then Bombproof Boxer Training Club is where you should be headed. You won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth Gray
May 4, 2023

I rescued Emme at 4 weeks old to say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. Bombproof boxer has taught me to learn about boxers and tailor my training rather than listening to all the generic trainers and feeling like a failure. I have a lot of medical issues and often found myself feeling like Emme would be better with someone else, but the trainers and the community at bombproof boxer have given me the support tools and the confidence to be a boxer mum. It has generally changed my life because Emme helps me in so many ways physically and emotionally I don’t know where I would be without her. Don’t get me wrong there has been some tough times but there has also been many people there to build me back up.
So thank you everyone at bombproof you are all truly amazing.

May 3, 2023

Great selection of video resources to work on basics and mixing things up. Justyna manages the resources and access well. Highly valued resource; thank you 🙂

Gemma & Clover
May 3, 2023

Not only is Justyna a fantastic dog trainer, she’s also passionate about Boxers, training Boxers and helping Boxer parents. She’s patient, dedicated and super knowledgeable. Through the extensive training video library, Justyna always gives clear, step-by-step explanations of what to do, but crucially she also explains why. This means you learn to understand your Boxer, why they do what they do, and how to get the best out of them. Any questions are answered in the Facebook group or during bimonthly lives. I’ve yet to see Justyna not able to answer a question to help a Boxer parent. Along with Justyna, there is the most friendly and supportive Facebook group to support you on your training journey. Celebrating successes with you and providing understanding and support on bad days.
I can’t thank Justyna enough for the help and support she’s provided during a bumpy adolescence period and difficult phantom pregnancy. Clover is a happier and better trained dog for being part of Bombproof Boxer Training Club and I’ve persevered during the hard times and had many, many good times because of the encouragement, inspiration and support from Justyna and my fellow Bombs.
We were lucky enough to attend the first Bombproof Boxer Training Camp and loved every second. I’m excited to attend again this year, to learn even more new skills and techniques, and help Clover work towards becoming a truly Bombproof Boxer. Thank You Justyna!

Gregory Hanlon
May 3, 2023

No matter where you and your Boxer are in the world, this is a great club filled with lots of training and educational information. The one on one lesson or group video calls are amazing.

Sally Ley
May 3, 2023

It’s been really hard to find a trainer who understands Boxers. I’ve owned them in the past and been happy enough with how they turned out, but owning another now I wanted to work on issues that I had ‘put up’ with previously. Things that lots of Boxer owners struggle with. Boisterous play, recall, pulling on lead and reactivity. All of these areas are covered through Bomproof Boxers by Justyna who not only understands the psychology of these dogs but owns three herself. There is training to address EVERY concern or even just to have more fun with your dog. Upon joining, you become a member of THE most supportive and helpful group of people who are all in the training club for the very same reason. We all want to improve our bond with our dogs to overcome our struggles. Some people are on the same journey, others on different journeys. Some people at the same stage of training others been there before or some starting with the basics. Justyna provides constant feedback and support when requested with other additional support through online training and Ask Anything Live events. This training is incredibly good value and the best I have found. We are on a journey and loving so much about it.

May 3, 2023

Over the last 12 years I have completed quite a number of courses both in person and on line and taken something from all of them but have frequently found it frustrating when I’ve tried to apply the learning to my boxers. Finding Bombproof Boxers was great as I can see the training with boxers dealing with all the boxer quirks. The videos from other Bombs showing their successes and struggles with their boxers are so helpful and I’ve learned so much from them. It is a very helpful community and very positive and nonjudgmental. Justyna’s training program is very good, easy to follow and quite inspiring at times. I have seen a huge improvement in my boxer’s training over the last year or so. I would heartily recommend Bombproof Boxers to any boxer owner.

Sarah Munday
May 3, 2023

I joined the club from the beginning when my puppy was just a couple of months old. Adolescence was the most difficult time for me and with Justyna's guidance and support me and my dog have worked together to build our relationship and resolve some unwanted behaviours. Walking my dog is so much more enjoyable and training no longer feels like training as it just fits into our daily routine. Thank you for all your help.

Adele Grainger
May 3, 2023

The club is the most informative caring and helpful club I have ever been a member of. The training is easy to understand and really working for me and my rescue boxer.

Patsy hallmey
May 3, 2023

We first met Justyna when Xena was about 16 weeks old . Her training guided us through absolutely everything and she helped us build a brilliant relationship with our boxer. We followed her tutorials and had some 1:1 sessions too. I cannot recommend Justyna enough. Thanks to her we have an extremely calm, obedient and well behaved 2 year old. If you want to enable your dog to be the best they can be I highly recommend joining her training programme . I have had dogs for the last 50 odd years and learned so much. Your dog will thank you

Lynn House
January 7, 2023

By using the resources available it has helped me understand and develop my relationship with Louie.
The training club allows you to train and use the resources at your own pace. Each day may bring up challenges that you can relate to with the other members. You feel supported from Justyna and the other club members.

Lynne ryan
January 6, 2023

My boxer bojangles was proving very difficult to train ..I had a few different trainers and methods ...nothing was working for us .....then I discovered through a lot of recommendations bombproof boxers ..and with their help it all made was me that needed training as well 3 months I discovered what a clever boy bojangles is.. we still have lots to work on but I have learned so much with the help of this group judgements just support and advice ...I would definitely recommend becoming a bomb

Kelly Turner
January 6, 2023

I cannot thank and recommend Justyna and the whole Bombproof Boxer support network enough. The group is amazing and the difference in Bentley after just a couple of months is fantastic.
I joined as I was getting to the point where I dreaded people coming to our house and Bentley was unmanageable as he was just so excited, he’s not perfect yet but is so much calmer and I love people’s reactions when they notice the difference. More than anything, I feel I have all the tools to keep progressing forward and setting Bentley up to win. If you are thinking about joining, just do it, you won’t regret it!!!

Tamara Ostling
January 6, 2023

I've been a boxer parent for 7 boxers, so far. I wish I had found Bombproof boxer sooner. It's life changing for my boys and me. Having someone that understands, knows, and loves gives a completely different approach to training and improving the lives of boxers. My two brand new pups are already benefitting from the Baby Boxer training and they are only just 4 months old. The support from BBTC members is amazing as well. Seeing their "homework" and the direct coaching we get is amazing. If you have a boxer, you should join to see how Boxer specific training can help you and your boxer live your best lives.

Linda mcculloch
January 6, 2023

I joined the club after taking on a 3 year old rescue. To say he's challenging is an understatement, not his fault, just a typical bouncy bundle of fun, but he has had zero socialising and training till he came to me. Im his third owner.I nearly gave up before giving him a chance as hes extremely strong, pulls like a steam train, reactive to everything and didn't listen.The club and it's members gives me the advice and support, not to mention all the training videos, which I can access 24/7 , that gives me the confidence to help Bailey become a calmer ,more sociable boxer. I also love that I can upload my training videos for all the members to see, so I can get their feedback. Bailey and I have a long way to go, he challenges me everyday, and probably always will, but since joining the club, I know I'm not alone on this journey. I can't reccomend the club enough, it's like one big family , the training is fun, interesting and rewarding.

Kelly Tyler
January 6, 2023

Bombproof training has been extremely helpful with training Clarence, the training give a clear guidance and there is always someone on hand to offer feedback and advice. I particularly like the video on Middle as this helps Clarence when we are out and about and he needs to remain calm when passing other dogs.

January 6, 2023

What a relief to find Justyna who actually "gets" boxers. Her training advice, videos, etc., have helped so much with Maude, although she has a long way to go. I am amazed at what we have achieved with Bombproof Boxer Training Club so far. If only Justyna could move in with us.

September 8, 2022

Justyna and the team at Bombproof Boxers have been a great help for Ollie (joined when he was 6 months and now 2 yrs old) and me. I'm a first time owner of a boxer and have had loads of great advice on all aspects of owning a boxer and lots of really effective training techniques. I love the positive reinforcement and confidence building approach of the training club. Always someone on hand to answer questions and offer guidance, and a very supportive community as you go through the learning process. I'd definitely recommend the service for anyone wanting to make the most of their relationship with a very special breed of dog.

Catharine Branson
September 5, 2022

I invest in the Bombproof Boxer training club as it is a lovely group of like minded people who love their boxers and want to understand them more, we all have the same goal, for them to enjoy their best life.
I do go to my local weekly dog training classes with Ivy (age 8 months ) mainly to help her socialise but I have become disheartened with comments made as all too often I am told by the trainers especially when she has a mad moment or won't perform the task "well she is a boxer " lol like I didn't know 😂
I am not one for posting my training videos , but I love to see other people's experiences and triumphs achieved by following the guidance, knowledge and training library shared by Justyna and this group, it has really helped me and Ivy to enjoy our training together and build a good relationship, we still have a lot to learn but we have gained the confidence to take on new challenges every day.
Thank you so much : )

Lynn House
September 5, 2022

Only been members a couple of months but have been making progress using the resources.
Not only do you have guidance with training but there’s huge support from other members.

Kate Johnstone
September 4, 2022

It’s helped massively. I have a 10 month old boxer who has a lot of energy. I love how the training is game based so we can have fun with it. Having the group is great too, someone’s always there to answer questions and it’s also good knowing that other people are going through the same things with their boxers so you never feel like you’re on you own.

Carla Campbell-Pike
August 23, 2022

The trick with training is to stick with it - and this is what Bombproof Boxer really helps you to nail. It helped us take the rough with the smooth, to learn from successes and failures and to enjoy our dog. We learnt not just about training, but about exercise, nutrition, health, socialising - the list goes on. The bombproof community is hugely supportive, warm and friendly - a real boxer family.

Carol Slark - Brea & Beau (& Old Boy Bear)
July 18, 2022

Wow what can I say....but Bombproof Training Club has been a real game changer for us.

We rescued 2 beautiful girls after loosing one of ours, didn't intend to rescue 2 but they survived a horrendous start and we didn't want to split them up.

I thought we would be okay as had had boxers before and still have an old boy who is 9 years old, but I didn't fully appreciate how challenging it would be to change learnt behaviours in them. We think they are around 3 now so you can imagine how bouncy they were.

They had had no training, never worn a harness, wouldn't go into a car easily and walking on a lead was no fun at all.

Bombproof Training Club has shown me that training is not and should not be hard work but fun for all. I love seeing the girls learn so many new confidence building tools and becoming very well mannered Boxer Dogs.

Thanks to the amazing Justyna I see so many training opportunities in every day events or walks.

My girls are now an absolute pleasure to walk on their leads, they have become so much more confident and I know I could not have done this without the incredible support of Justyna & the whole Training Club and especially in such a small timescale.

If you are thinking of joining then I promise you that you will not regret it, it is so worth it. Come and be part of the amazing Club.

June 29, 2022

When we joined Bomb proof boxer training club it was mainly just for general training. Since then Mabel has gone through a lot of hormonal changes and I am so glad we have had support through these times. Justyna always responds quickly and guides us in the right direction. All members in the group are very supportive and no judgement from the bomb proof community. The games and training activities are fun for both dogs and owners. We have a long way to go but we are making so much progress. It got to a point where I dreaded taking Mabel out of the house. We are now both enjoying our walks together and Mabel mostly enjoys playing with me more than every other living/ moving thing she sees. Only thing I wish is we had of joined sooner!

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