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Welcome to Bombproof Boxer, where we’re not just dog trainers; we are your go-to Boxer Dog Training and Behaviour Specialists

With a community that stretches across continents, we are a global platform for Boxer owners seeking specialised expertise.

Dive into the Bombproof Boxer Training Club, our unique online dog training membership tailored for the Boxer breed. This isn’t just another training program; it’s a specially crafted experience designed to bring out the best in your Boxer.

Join our global dog training community, and embark on a transformative journey for you and your Boxer.

At Bombproof Boxer, our mission is more than just dog training; we’re on a quest for Boxer dog transformation.

Our Expertise

When it comes to understanding and training Boxer dogs, our methods aren’t one-size-fits-all; they’re specialised Boxer training techniques honed through years of experience and research.

We’re committed to evidence-based training methods, ensuring that each wagging tail is backed by scientific rigor. From basic obedience to advanced behavioral modification, we’ve got the expertise to guide your Boxer toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

Certificates in Dog Training and Behaviour, credentials of our Boxer Dog Training and Behaviour Specialists.

The Team

The Canine Crew

Headshot of Nella, the perfect Boxer dog and true founder of Bombproof Boxer


Nella is the heart, soul, and true inspiration behind Bombproof Boxer. More than just a well-trained Boxer, she serves as the epitome of what the organization aims to achieve—a Bombproof Boxer. She is also Justyna’s greatest teacher, offering invaluable insights into the nuances of Boxer behavior and training.

Known for her unmatched versatility, Nella excels in a range of activities from agility to Mantrailing. Her kind nature and love for all people make her a shining example for Boxer owners, symbolizing hope and the transformative power of effective training.

Here’s a bit more about Nella’s favorites:
Favourite food: Prawns
Favourite toy: Tuggy toy
Forest or beach: Forest
Favourite activity: Shredding dead trees and engaging in training sessions
Biggest distraction: People (she simply adores them)
Naughtiest deed: hmmmm…..chewed a book about training Boxers

Headshot of Mia, a Boxer dog featured in Bombproof Boxer Dog Training videos, transformed from highly reactive to well-trained


Mia, once labeled a ‘Troublemaker,’ is now a living testament to the transformative power of specialized Boxer training. Adopted from Spain at 8 months old, Mia came into Justyna’s and Nella’s lives with a host of behavioral challenges, including reactivity toward dogs and people, resource guarding, noise sensitivity, and a lack of self-confidence.

Her complex behavioral issues pushed Justyna to expand her expertise, evolving from a dog trainer to a knowledgeable dog behaviorist and Boxer specialist. Today, Mia enjoys a stress-free life, having successfully overcome most of her challenges. She is an invaluable member of the Bombproof Boxer team, embodying the potential for transformation and positive change.

Here’s a bit more about Mia’s favorites:
Favourite food: She’s an omnivore! Loves fruits, veggies, meat, cheese, and chews
Favourite toy: Tennis ball
Forest or beach: Beach
Favourite activity: Swimming, playing with tennis balls, face-licking, and scentwork
Biggest distraction: Food, undoubtedly!
Naughtiest deeds: A long list including stealing daddy’s raw steak, rolling in cow’s poo, chasing cats, chewing door frames, and even pooping in a training arena.

Headshot of Khaleesi, a Boxer dog raised within the Bombproof Boxer ethos, exemplifying our Boxer Dog Training and Behaviour Specialists.


The youngest in our pack, Khaleesi exemplifies what can be achieved when a Boxer is raised within the Bombproof training culture.

Her obedience skills are already turning heads, and she’s only getting started.

The Human Expert

Justyna, our head trainer and Boxer Dog Training and Behaviour Specialist, working with Nella during a training class.

Justyna, The Boxer Witch

The head trainer and founder of Bombproof Boxer, is not just the backbone of the organization but a leading expert in the field of Boxer dog behaviour and training. With a rich background of hands-on experience and extensive knowledge, Justyna has honed her skills through a multitude of successfully completed courses, behaviour studies, seminars, and events. She has had the privilege of shadowing some of the finest dog trainers across Europe and the USA.

Justyna holds a plethora of qualifications including certifications from IMDT, PDT, BCOCS, SOCS, WSDA, and is an active member of the IAABC. Her expertise extends to behaviour modification, training, and deep understanding of Boxers, making her a pioneer in specialized Boxer training.

The dog training industry is dynamic, and Justyna is committed to staying at the forefront. She continuously strives to expand her education and skill set to offer the most effective and up-to-date training methods. A sports enthusiast, she has an active interest in various dog sports such as Scentwork, Mantrailing, Agility, Obedience, and Bite work, which she applies in her practical training programs.

Understanding the unique challenges and joys of the Boxer owner’s journey, Justyna has tailored her services to meet the needs of Boxers at various stages, from the jovial puppy to the nervous adult dog with a bite history. Owned by three beautiful Boxers, Nella, Mia and Khaleesi, she works with Boxers on a daily basis, contributes to Boxer rescue organizations, and has built a global community for Boxer owners, providing them with a supportive environment for growth and learning.

We aim to elevate your relationship with your Boxer to new heights, turning challenges into training goals and opportunities for growth.

Our Journey

The story of Bombproof Boxer is one of passion, commitment, and brand evolution. What began as a dream to understand and train Boxer dogs has blossomed into a thriving global platform led by Justyna, Nella, Mia and Khaleesi.

Our journey started with the simple but profound realization: Boxer dogs are unique and deserve training that respects their individuality. This led us to develop our comprehensive dog training program, incorporating everything from puppy course to basic training, advanced techniques, ongoing advice and support, and educational resources for Boxer owners.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our offerings, fine-tuned our methods, and grown our community, but our core mission remains the same: to transform the lives of Boxers and their owners through specialized training and expert guidance.

We believe that every Boxer deserves the chance to shine and every owner the opportunity to experience the joy of a well-trained, well-understood Boxer.

Hannah and Winter, a Boxer dog, during a loose lead walking training session, exemplifying our Boxer Dog Training

Why Choose Us

Boxer Dog Training and Behaviour Specialists

Choosing the right training for your Boxer is crucial, and that’s where Bombproof Boxer excels. Here’s why we are the trusted choice for Boxer owners:

Tailored for Boxers

Our specialised training techniques are designed exclusively for the Boxer breed.

Compassionate Training

We use positive, evidence-based methods to build a strong, trusting relationship between you and your Boxer.

Supportive Community

Join a global community of passionate Boxer owners committed to the well-being of their furry friends.

Real-Life Skills

Our training prepares you for real-world situations, giving you the confidence to handle your Boxer effectively.

Honest and Authentic

We deliver results, not empty promises, guided by scientific rigor and years of specialised experience.

Choosing Bombproof Boxer means opting for the best training and community for your Boxer. Become a member today and experience the transformation.

Your journey to becoming the best Boxer owner you can be starts here. But it shouldn’t end at just reading about us. To truly experience the transformation that Bombproof Boxer can offer you and your beloved pet, join the Bombproof Boxer Training Club today!

Why wait? Your Boxer deserves the best, and so do you.

Discover a community that understands your struggles, techniques that work, and an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist dedicated to helping you achieve your training goals. Become a member and start your transformation journey now!