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Bombproof Boxer is all about helping boxer owners understand and train their beloved dogs. Serving clients worldwide, we’re proud to be the leading expert in Boxer training.

Through modern, practical, reward based training methods, we focus on coaching both ends of the lead in a relaxed, fun, and non-judgemental environment, so both canine and their human can thrive and succeed.

With passion, love for the breed, and an enthusiastic attitude, we help you speak ‘Boxer.’

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Ever found yourself wondering why training your Boxer feels like running in circles? You're not the only one. I've been there, making the same mistakes, and hoping for a miracle. Here's the thing: doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? It just doesn't work. It's like trying to find a new destination while walking the same old path. And going after goals without a clear plan? That's like setting off for Brighton with no idea of the route. You need a roadmap to success, not just a destination in mind. Maybe you have a plan, but it's all a bit fuzzy. It's like baking a cake without a recipe - a pinch of this, a dash of that, and hoping for the best. More often than not, it ends in a mess. And it's not just us; our Boxers feel the confusion too. They're trying their best to understand us, but without clear guidance, they end up just as lost. But here’s the good news: every mistake is just a lesson in disguise. It’s time to ask yourself: 🤔 Do I have a solid, actionable plan? 💪 Am I fully committed to seeing it through? 🛠️ Do I have the right tools and know-how to use them effectively? 👫 And who's got my back when things get tough? I promised my Boxers - Nella, Mia, and Khaleesi - I'd turn our mistakes into milestones. They deserve the best, and so does your Boxer. That's why I created the Bombproof Boxer Training Club. It's not just about training; it's a roadmap to success, a community of support, and a toolbox full of resources. 🎉 This weekend, transform your journey with our 3rd Birthday Offer: 50% off your first month FREE Online 121 Session (worth £99) FREE 7-day Personalised Training Plan (worth £99) Annual members get a bonus: A FREE Bombproof Boxer Treat Pouch! But This offer ends tonight! Don't miss your chance to join a community that understands and supports you and your Boxer every step of the way. Ready for a change? 👇


Ever wondered if online dog training is any good? Got doubts like "Does it really work?" or "Have I got time for it?" or "Isn't it too tricky?" or even "Online training's not for me"? Let’s sort those out: 👉 "Online dog training's no good" – Our club says different! We’ve got over 100 videos that are a doddle to follow, anytime. It's as good as having a trainer in your living room, ready when you are. 👉 "Does it actually work?" – You bet! Our club members have seen their Boxers change for the better, mastering commands and behaving top-notch, all through our online guides. 👉 "I’ve not got time for this" – We get it, you're flat out. That's why our training's made for you to set the pace. Even a few minutes daily can lead to fab changes with time. 👉 "It looks too complicated" – No stress, we've kept it dead simple. Clear steps, real-life examples, and a gang of mates to help you out. 👉 "Online training's not for me" – Think it won't fit your unique situation? Our club's full of different folks with different Boxers, and they're all getting results! 🥳 Don't Miss Out – Our 3rd Birthday offer ends tomorrow! We’re handing out a deal you can’t overlook – slash 50% off your first month, and nab some smashing freebies: a FREE one-to-one session and a FREE 7-day personalised training plan! And don’t forget our 14-day money-back promise. If you're not happy in two weeks, you get your cash back, no fuss. So this weekend, why not start a new adventure with your Boxer? Wave goodbye to them pulling on the lead, not listening, and all that training bother. Remember, every smashing journey kicks off with a single step—or a click! 👇 This is it – Grab this birthday offer NOW and start your Boxer's transformation today:


🌟 Birthday Special: Enjoy 50% off your first month, plus a FREE 121 session and a personalised 7-day training plan to jumpstart your Boxer's journey to becoming bombproof. 👉 This weekend marks not just our 3rd birthday but also your chance to access a treasure trove of Boxer-specific training resources designed to foster success and happiness for you and your dog. By joining the Bombproof Boxer Training Club this weekend, you unlock: ✅ Over 100 detailed training videos that tackle everything from basic obedience to complex behavioural issues, specifically tailored for Boxers. ✅ Exclusive access to our Baby Boxer course, guiding you through the crucial first steps of puppy training. ✅ An enriching library of game plans, live sessions, and courses focusing on real-life training and cooperative handling. But it's not just about the resources. It's about joining a community that cheers on every step, celebrates every win, and supports through every challenge. Our members’ transformation stories are a testament to what's possible when you have the right guidance and a supportive community backing you. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The doors close tomorrow, and we’d love for you to be the next success story. 👇


In Boxer Ville, a place filled with wagging tails and playful barks, a special day was on the horizon. The Bombproof Boxer Training Club was celebrating its third birthday, and the excitement was contagious. This wasn't just any birthday; it was a testament to countless stories of growth, joy, and transformation among Boxers and their families. Among the town’s residents were three notable Boxers: Jumpy, with energy that knew no bounds; Grumbly, who voiced his opinions a tad too fervently at other dogs; and Barky, whose vocal talents were unmatched. Beloved by their families, these three had their adorable quirks, yet each presented a unique challenge, turning daily walks into unpredictable adventures. The Bombproof Boxer Training Club was their golden ticket to transformation, not just for the dogs but for the entire family. This club wasn't merely about training—it was a journey of growth, specifically designed for the spirited Boxer. The adventure began. Jumpy learned the joy of tranquility, finding peace as enjoyable as a high jump. Grumbly discovered the art of calm greetings, turning his vocal urges into quiet curiosity. Barky learned the art of quiet, finding new ways to communicate his boundless energy. And they all trained happily ever after. Their transformation was guided by a treasure chest of resources: over 100 training videos, the beloved Baby Boxer course, and bespoke advice that transformed every hurdle into a victory. Yet, at the heart of their journey was the community – a vibrant family of Boxer lovers, each on their own path, but all moving forward, together. Our 3rd Birthday Offer isn't just a slice of cake; it's a full-blown feast of opportunities. It's an invitation to join a world where training meets compassion, challenges become triumphs, and every Boxer and their owner embarks on a path of growth and understanding. And this weekend the gates to this transformative experience are wide open, welcoming all with 50% off the first month, a free one-on-one session, a bespoke 7-day training plan, and for those ready for a year-long adventure, a special treat pouch for the journey. Don’t miss out on this birthday celebration. Join us at the Bombproof Boxer Training Club, where your story of change is waiting to begin. 👇


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🎂 Celebrate Our 3rd Birthday: Exclusive Weekend Offer! 🥳 This weekend join the festivities of the Bombproof Boxer Training Club's 3rd birthday! We're marking this milestone with an extraordinary offer for you and your Boxer. For This Weekend Only - Enjoy a Paw-some 50% Off Your First Month! But that's not all, no...join the Bombproof Boxer Training Club this weekend and get: ✅ FREE Online 121 Session (worth £99) ✅ FREE 7-day Personalised Training Plan (worth £99) And for those who commit to our annual journey, we're adding a sprinkle of extra joy: a FREE Bombproof Boxer Treat Pouch, the perfect companion for your training adventures. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers! Your Boxer deserves it, and so do you. 👇


🌼🎉 March Madness at Bombproof Boxer Training Club - We're Turning 3! 🎉🌼 Hello, Boxer parents! March is not just any month at the Bombproof Boxer Training Club; it’s our 3rd Birthday! And we're planning a month-long celebration filled with activities, learning, and loads of fun for you and your Boxer. 🐾🎂 . 🎈 Here's what's happening in March: 🗓️ 8 March: Facebook Live - "Do I Fail My Boxer?" Dive into an insightful discussion on common concerns and questions every Boxer owner has. 🗓️ 22 March: Ask Me Anything Facebook Live Have burning questions? We're here to answer them. Join us for an AMA session and get personalised advice for your Boxer's training and well-being. 🗓️ 24 March: Zoom Training Class Don't miss our interactive Zoom training class. It's a great chance to learn new skills, refine old ones, and connect with fellow Boxer lovers. . 🎂 Special Birthday Bash: This March, we’re celebrating our 3rd birthday in style! Get ready for a month-long Boxerpoly extravaganza as we'll be playing our very own board game - it's a fun way to keep motivated through out the month. And for the first weekend of March we are cooking something special for our members 🤫 . 🎁 A Special Surprise Awaits! And for those thinking about joining our fantastic community, keep your eyes peeled this Friday. We have something coming your way that you won't want to miss. It’s the perfect time to join the party! Ready to celebrate with us and take your Boxer's training to the next level?


We are incredibly proud to share a story from Eddie and Tula, our Founding Members, who has been with us since the beginning of the Bombproof Boxer Training Club. Over the years, we've had the privilege to witness and support their remarkable journey, filled with challenges, learning, and heartwarming moments. This story is a testament to the transformative power of love, dedication, and determination. Tula truly is an amazing dog. Her sister Tara, not without some challenges, is following in her steps. Their mom, Di, is a remarkable woman. And Eddie is...well, he's quite a character. (The Training Club wouldn't be the same without you, buddy 🙂 ) Let's hear it from Eddie: "Tula's story Di and I got together 10 years ago and Di had a 9 year old Boxer at the time called Morgan AKA Morgan Annie or Mowgs. Di was looking through ads in the paper for a dining table and ended up with her Boxer pup Morgan instead. She was a lovely dog and we instantly got on great together and I fell head over heels for the old girl (and Mowgs 😂). Mowgs was a character although not the best trained dog in the world but we loved her to bits. Four years later the poor old girl was completely done and wanted to go play in the clouds. I was devastated and Di even more so. The house felt so empty without her, I for some reason got so angry with everything the next few months and decided I needed another dog in our lives. We looked around and found a 5 ½ month old we fell in love with, definitely a heart over head moment. I didn’t really have any experience in chosing a dog and if I’d known what I know now we wouldn’t have taken the dog, in fact, I would have turned & driven away without getting out of the car! There were pups running around in a grass paddock, older ones in another paddock, dogs barking at the fence, shambles of a place really although the highest accreditation possible and many champion show dogs too. The breeders daughter went and got the pup and her mum who was a calm, sweet girl, her pup was also very sweet, beautiful and plain to see loved people and brought up around dogs. We were told she was 5 ½ months old and lived with her daughter during the week and they were going to keep her and breed from her but decided to breed from a champion bitch instead. We decided there & then we were taking her home with us. We did all the paperwork with the breeder and headed for home with our new dog. By the time we’d reached Dundee which was only about an hour from the breeder the pup had been sick & pooped in the crate so we obviously stopped to sort the poor girl out & took her up front on Di’s knee for the rest of the journey home. The first day home it became clearly apparent our new dog had never been inside a house as she did the wall of death around ours, launching herself clean over the sofa, pretty much everything really. The first time I went to the toilet she came with me and took off like a scalded cat when I flushed the toilet. She had toileted in the house too, Di took her outside for 1 ½ hours to go toilet but all she wanted to do was eat stones from between the house & the path, pulling like mad on the lead to chase leaves, birds etc so Di came back in with her and she toileted in the garage. In the evening when we went to go upstairs the dog point blank refused to do stairs so Di had to carry her. We had the scalded cat again when I turned on the TV. To say we had an eye opener was an understatement! We had bought a dog that was scared of everything, no house training, never had a collar on, never walked, played with, she’d seen absolutely nothing but the inside of the kennels she was born in. Over the next few days we realised she was 7 months old and not 5 ½ months as we were told. We also thought that because she kept having diarrhoea there was something wrong with her food so we changed her food but still no change so we spoke to the vets and were asked to supply stool samples which the results showed she had worms & Giardiasis parasite which is a nasty stomach parasite and not easy to get rid of, poor Di had to be almost clinical in cleaning up after toileting as the cysts can survive for months outside the host. Tula got antibiotics to take and it hadn’t cleared after the first dose so got more, then I caught it and got antibiotics, talk about fomo eh, I wish I had missed out as it was horrendous. We both recovered after our second course of antibiotics, hallelujah! Over the next couple of moths we sorted out toilet training, thankfully. Any time the house door was opened she’d appear from nowhere, you couldn’t hear her coming as her claws were so worn down from the concrete kennel floor and she’d barge past & outside to chase around the chicken run, she was possessed and did everything she could to not come inside again. OMG, the first time I tried to take her out on lead on the scooter she almost tipped me out so many times I lost count, same with almost ripping my arm out of the socket lunging at everything, leaves, stones, wanting to take off, she absolutely hated being on a collar and lead. Over the next few months she nipped my arms, legs on many occasions even drawing blood when I was out on the scooter with her, it’s fair to say she was a nightmare! One day she was jumping and snapping in front of me when I was on my wheelchair, just touching my face and no more, for some strange reason I decided to close my eyes and she stopped, phew, that could have went horribly wrong. In the months after we were making very slow progress and then it all seemed to go wrong again and I began to detest her, we were at the end of our tether and had arranged with someone to take her. The next day it was like she knew what we were saying about her future and something changed, perhaps because I’d resigned myself to the fact I was going to be free from her and we’d get our lives back, not sure. Whatever it was we decided that we couldn’t part with her because after everything we still loved her. In the following months I trawled the Internet for books, videos on training, learnt some basic stuff and made some progress but still felt like I wasn’t getting far or anywhere near where I’d like Tula to be. Di thought it would be better for Tula to get another dog as she missed her companions from the kennel so we got Tara, talk about adding fuel to the fire, but that’s another story. Tula was getting better on lead on a home walk but still not good and terrible away from home even when on the front seat of my van she’d whine, cry, howl driving through the smallest village. Take her out of the van in any built up area & she would freak out, all the behaviours she showed in the van but add lunging, darting back and fore, she was all over the place. The kennels she came from were in the country and we stay in the country so she’d never seen a built up area before we got her. I spent a lot of time just driving around with her to let her see the world from a safe place which helped a good bit but she was still anxious, scared out of the van. I remember Di & I tried walking her on a large park on the outskirts of a town, built up area one side of us and country the other side Tula actually jumped, twisted & snapped a harness because of pigeons about 100 metres away. On another occasion she was sitting in the front of the van with me as Di & her son were taking stuff out of the rear doors, they just went into the flat as my phone rang, Tula freaked out, jumped over the double seat pulling the lead out of my hand and took off down the street, i felt sick and phoned Di in a panic, luckily a young lad she stopped to sniff grabbed her lead & headed the direction she came from and met a very relieved Di, I can’t tell you how relieved I was! On an Internet trawling session one day I came across a video of this woman playing with her Boxer and I shouted to Di “Look at this!” The Boxer was totally engaged and the lady was panting like hell running around with her dog. 😂 After they finished playing she spoke about the game she was playing and a Facebook page she had set up and a challenge week she was running. I thought “Yessss, this is what I’ve been looking for!” I think we initially signed up for a challenge week and then joined the Bombproof Boxer Training Club not long after. Tula had practiced and learnt so many bad behaviours over a long period and not been helped by our lack of knowledge, doing the wrong things with her as well as not totally understanding the extreme importance of all her needs being fully met. As you’ve read earlier she was a real handful but over time we’ve worked away with her and got her to the stage of being able to take her into the centre of town walking on a loose lead even into a Christmas village with massive Santa and huge Teddy bear which she put her feet up on to get her photo taken. She went to a duck pond the other day with 40-50 duck’s quacking and splashing away no more than 20 feet from her & she couldn’t have cared, “what duck’s?” Walking in a local town recently a workman started a jack hammer in a deep trench in the road right beside her, yes she got scared, but no wonder, within a minute she was over it and we calmly continued our walk. I’ve even managed to recall her from running deer, unlike the notorious Fenton! 😂 We absolutely love Tula to the moon and back, we have a great relationship and we’ll have as much fun as possible in the time we have together, changed days! 😁 Without Bombproof Boxer Training Club we would never have managed to get to the place we are now. The knowledge we’ve gained through watching the training videos, the dedicated game plans, real life case studies, live Q&A, guest speaker lives have all been invaluable in us achieving the aim of the happy dog we have now, we’re blessed to have you in our lives. I can’t thank Justyna and all at Bombproof Boxer enough in making all our lives so much better. Thank you all, and all the Bomb family for your continued support too, you guys are an awesome group of people." ❤ Eddie, Di and girls.


This was our very first promo video when we opened the doors to the Bombproof Boxer Training Club three years ago. 🎥✨ Like training a Boxer, every journey starts with a single step. It wasn't perfect, but it was the start of something beautiful and meaningful. Rushed to get it somewhat ready for the opening of the Training Club, this video is a reminder that it all comes down to taking action, not waiting for perfection. We've learned a lot since then, and the Training Club has evolved as well. But one thing hasn't changed: our commitment to making every Boxer's and their owners' lives the best they can be. We should celebrate our very beginnings and the steps we take each day towards our goals. What first step are you proud of taking?


It's hard to believe, but it's exactly three years since the Bombproof Boxer Training Club opened its doors and welcomed the first Boxers. Saying that it has been an epic adventure is a huge understatement. Firstly, a wholehearted thank you to all Founding Members who trusted and believed in us from the beginning when the Bombproof Boxer Training Club was only a 'new puppy', and it certainly didn't look as it does now. We are very proud to have so many of you still with us. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who joined us since - it's a privilege to have you and your Boxers with us, to be able to watch your journey, and share your joys and, yes, tears as well. It hasn't always been easy; we've had our own ups and downs, but your dedication to your Boxers and determination to help them is what keeps us going every single day. There's no denying that we are where we are thanks to you all. Witnessing relationships forming inside the Club, not only between the owners and their Boxers but also between members themselves, is something truly special - it certainly feels like having a Boxer family. And having the chance to meet some of you personally is something special, the cherry on top of the cake. During these three years, we grew in numbers, welcomed new Boxers to the Training Club, but also sadly lost members of our Boxer family as well. Luna, Sorrel, Mason, Ruby, Bear, and all the others who crossed the Rainbow Bridge - we are honored to have been a part of your life. Every Boxer has impacted how The Training Club looks now. And it has changed so much since our first days. The Training Library grew to cover all aspects of Boxer training. We've had so many great live sessions and talked to some great experts in the dog training world. We've added training plans, a Baby Boxer puppy course, and we've had some fun challenges. There is the Boxer of the Month award every month for a Boxer who went above and beyond in their training (and it's so hard to pick just one of so many...that's why some months we have two Boxers of the Month 😜 ) And the virtual training class is just another highlight of each month. We've fostered Max, who is the star of the 30 Days of Rescue chronicle, and we also fostered Blizzard (aka Rufus aka Apollo 😜 ), who then traveled to join our members in Germany. And our in-person Summer Training Camp has become a tradition now - it's an absolute blast to be able to spend a few days surrounded by Boxers and their owners. And yes, train with them 🙂 We would not be able to do all on our own, no chance. A huge thank you to Lisa and Susan, our ambassadors, who look after our members and help where and when they can - you guys rock! And of course, thanks to our four-legged members of the team: Nella, Mia, and Khaleesi - without them, none of it would have ever happened. It's been an amazing journey these three years, and we just couldn't have known and expected where it would take us. But there is certainly much more to come 😛. this space as we celebrate this week...


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A new adventure started for me & Khaleesi today! We have joined a club where we will train for a sport called ODM (Obedience de Mondioring). There are three levels of competition in ODM. Exercises include heelwork, retrieve, sendaway, stays with distractions, food refusal, search for wood, search and bark for someone else, and return to spot. Just like a normal human being I was a bit nervous about the first session. Not knowing what to expect is always a bit awkward. Also 95% of the dogs in the club are Malis. But Khaleesi made it so easy for me! We have done lots of Obedience foundations and we always train in different locations, so for her it was just another fun training time. Feedback from the coach really made me proud of my little girl. He said Khaleesi has very nice training ethics, her motivation is great and she is a nice sport dog 🙂


Big thanks to Julie for taking the time to share her positive experience with the Bombproof Boxer Training Club. 😀 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . "Bombproof Boxer offered us a different aspect of training which is more fun for our boxer and for us too. Such a different approach from other training clubs. Our Boxer was reactive and is now comfortable around other dogs and more happy." - Julie


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The Real History of Valentine's Day Once upon a modern Valentine's Day, it was revealed that Cupid was, in fact, a Boxer in disguise! With a quiver full of squeaky toys instead of arrows, this Cupid decided that true love wasn't just for humans. Every squeak was said to inspire laughter, joy, and an irresistible urge to play fetch. The legend goes that if a Boxer looks at you with those big, loving eyes on Valentine's Day, you're struck with an overwhelming feeling of love and the need to share your most prized snack. This explains why Boxers are experts at stealing hearts (and maybe a bite of your Valentine's Day dinner).


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🐾 The 4 Most Common Mistakes in Boxer Recall Training 🐾 Recall is a crucial skill for your Boxer's safety and well-being. But are you practicing it effectively? Avoid these common pitfalls to make your training sessions worthwhile. 🚫 Mistake 1: Asking for a Sit 🚫 You call your Boxer, they come running back, and then you ask them to sit before rewarding. Wrong move! You're rewarding the 'sit,' not the recall. ✅ Fix: Reward your Boxer the second they come back to you. 🚫 Mistake 2: One-Piece Reward 🚫 Your Boxer just chose you over a world full of distractions. Make it count! ✅ Fix: Throw a treat party or play party! Reward generously to reinforce the behavior. 🚫 Mistake 3: Using a Harsh Tone 🚫 A negative tone can be confusing, if not scary, for your Boxer. ✅ Fix: Use a happy, positive, and welcoming tone when calling your Boxer back. 🚫 Mistake 4: Repetitive Games 🚫 Variety is the spice of life, and your Boxer thinks so too! ✅ Fix: Mix it up with different games and environments to keep training sessions exciting. 🌟 Remember, the aim is to make your Boxer understand the concept of recall effectively and quickly. So steer clear of these common mistakes and set the path for a successful recall training journey.


Don't confuse love and relationship. There is no doubt we love our dogs. Their companionship, affection, and unique characteristics fill our hearts with an irreplaceable feeling of warmth and emotion of care. Even small interactions with dogs cause the human brain to produce oxytocin – a chemical that increases feelings of relaxation and empathy while reducing stress and anxiety. The best therapy in the world. I believe dogs love their caregivers almost the same way. Canine companions are social creatures. The emotional connection makes them feel happy, safe, and fulfilled. But a relationship is more than love. It involves a dynamic interplay of understanding, communication, and shared experiences. While our love for dogs is unwavering, the concept of a relationship with them goes beyond mere affection. In our role as caregivers, we assume responsibilities that extend beyond the emotional connection. Nurturing a relationship with a dog involves meeting their physical and mental needs, providing a stable environment, and fostering mutual understanding. It's a commitment that encompasses daily routines, healthcare, and the continuous effort to comprehend their unique language of gestures and expressions. As we invest time and effort into this relationship, an amazing bond emerges. Dogs learn to trust us implicitly, relying on our guidance and care. The relationship becomes a partnership, where both human and canine contribute to each other's well-being. So, while love forms the foundation, the relationship is the structure built upon it. It's a testament to the depth and richness of the connection we share with our dogs. As we navigate the complexities of this unique bond, we discover that, in loving our dogs and building a relationship, we embark on a journey of profound companionship, shared growth, and we see improvement in overcoming training struggles. Relationship is what helped my dog Mia overcome severe reactivity. Love comes naturally; the relationship is an ongoing process.