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With passion, love for the breed, and an enthusiastic attitude, we help you speak ‘Boxer.’

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Unwanted behaviours or behavioural problems don't stem from one specific issue. What every Boxer owner desires is a happy, emotionally stable, physically healthy companion who behaves impeccably in any environment or situation. We all aspire to have a Boxer who listens, learns, and grows with us. Raising and training Boxers is like piecing together a puzzle—each fragment covering a different area or concept. To create a truly bombproof Boxer, we need the full picture. When addressing unwanted behaviours, it's common to focus solely on fixing the problem without understanding its root cause. Human nature tends to dwell on problems, labelling bad habits or finding excuses. Instead, let's shift our focus to what we want our dogs to do and how we can guide them towards appropriate behaviour. Regardless of past events, let's ask ourselves: What behaviour would be more suitable for my Boxer in this situation? By envisioning the desired outcome, we can formulate a plan to achieve it. It might feel overwhelming not knowing where to start or which concept we should focus on. Over the next few days, we'll delve into individual concepts to help you understand which areas might need improvement, paving the way to your very own Bombproof Boxer. 🐶✨


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🐾 Separation Anxiety in Boxers with Lisa Morton 🐕 If you haven't seen this recording yet, you can access it inside our Bombproof Boxer (Dog Training Advice) group, free for Boxer owners. 📺🏡 In this informative session, Lisa Morton, a specialist in separation anxiety, behaviorist, and groomer, shares valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help your Boxer overcome separation anxiety. 🧡💡 👇 Share the post, spread the word and invite fellow Boxer parents to benefit from this informative event! 🐾💙


🐶 Do you love learning more about your Boxer? 🤔 If you're interested in more than just training your Boxer, if you love learning more about Boxers as a breed and as dogs in general, you will find a ton of interesting information in our bi-weekly live sessions. 📹 They cover a variety of different subjects: training, diet, neutering, psychology and more. All are recorded and the collection is constantly growing. ⭐️ Here are just some of the recordings you'll have access to: • Noises & confidence 🎧 • Unwanted trigger behaviours 🔥 • All about Canicross - Guest Talk with Emma Cook 🏃‍ • Management, Routine & Mindset 🧠 • Reactivity 🐕 • How to deal with unwanted off-lead visitors 🚫 • Rewards vs reinforcers 🎁 • Ups & downs in training 📈 • Canine First Aid - Guest Talk with Rachel Bean 🚑 • Adolescence 🙇‍♂️ • Loose lead walking troubleshooting 🐾 • Separation Anxiety - Guest Talk with Lisa Morton 🚪❤️ • Verbal cues 🗣️ • Dominance 👑 • The nose knows! 👃 • Managing the stress bucket 😓 • Recall troubleshooting 🤔 • Intro to natural diet - Guest Talk with Emily Storey Walker 🌿 • How To Use Markers 🎯 • Start and finish of a training session 🏁 • Multi-dog/multi-pet household 🐾🐾 • Frustration 😠 • My Boxer isn't food motivated 🍗 • Boxers vs visitors 🧍 • Slow is fast in training 🐌 • All About Head collars 🐶 • Resource guarding 🚪 • Fitting Training Into Your Lifestyle 🏡 • Spaying & castration- what science says - Guest Talk with Dean Nicholas 🔬 • Bloody barking 😡 • Grief Support - Guest Talk with Sue Alexander 😢 • Focus struggles 🤯 • Enjoying summer adventures with your Boxer 🏖️ • Predation in dogs 🐰 • Fence reactivity 🏰 • Pros and cons of getting a rescue 🐾❤️ • The Importance Of Play - Guest Talk with Craig Ogilvie 🤹‍♂️ • Stress-free Christmas 🎄 • What is Enrichment? 🌟 • Is Cooperative Handling Important? 👐 • Training A Deaf Boxer 👂 • Can Weather Affect Boxers' Behaviour? ☀️🌧️❄️ • Cooperative Handling - Guest Talk with Chirag Patel 🤝 • Verbal Correction - Guest Talk with Jo-Rosie Haffenden 🗣️ • Fitting Training Into Daily Routine – No Excuses! ⏳ • Fear Stages 😱 • Caring For A Bitch In Season 🌸 • Phantom Pregnancy 🐾🎭 • Golden Oldies – Caring For A Senior Boxer 🐾👴 • Pets & Human Therapy - Guest Talk with Katy Dunford 🧑‍🏫 • Confidence 💪 • Raising Kids & Dogs – Guest Talk with Nando Brown 🧒🐕 • Do I Fail My Boxer? 🤔 . Join the Bombproof Boxer Training Club today and gain access to all of our live session recordings!


Planning on getting a rescue Boxer? Or maybe you've just welcomed one into the family? ⭐️ 30 Days Of Rescue with Max ⭐️ is a unique chronicle that you will find inside our Bombproof Boxer Training Club, documenting Max's stay with us and our dogs in October last year. Day by day, in 30 videos we give you tips on: ✅ helping your new addition get used to their new life ✅ how to start building a great relationship ✅ safe introduction to existing household pets ✅ how to kick-start the training with your rescue . Training your rescue Boxer just got easier...


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ Thank you, Elisa for such a great review of our Bombproof Boxer Training Club 😀 . "This club has saved me!! I learned so much about our Boxer's needs and the importance of impulse control and boundaries and the right way to play with him. Love the variety of methods they provide for training, through theory sessions and videos, live Q & A’s, monthly games and challenges. I now have access to a community of support. I used to dread going for walks as they would end in tears, now I come home from a walk so proud of myself and our puppy. Our relationship grew so much and have a stronger trust and bond." - Elisa


Growling is a warning signal and a way of saying that there is a problem. You shouldn't be correcting your Boxer when he growls. Instead of punishing him, you should help your dog deal with the problem. Boxers growl in many situations, e.g., when they are scared, when they play, when they guard something or when they are in an uncomfortable situation. In a situation where a dog needs to defend himself, he will display a series of behaviours. And when the warning signals are being ignored, the situation escalates and it might lead up to a bite. Look at the photo representing behavioural escalation. What happens if you remove the growl from the ladder? Dog goes from stare/stiffness right to snap/bite. The growl is a very important part of communication and your last chance to help your dog move away from a situation. So what to do when your dog growls? It depends on the situation. Here are three common scenarios: 1️⃣ Your dog growls at a dog or person - recall your dog away or ask the trigger to give your dog more space. 2️⃣ Your dog has something inappropriate in his mouth - swap it for something better and teach a strong Drop command. 3️⃣ Your dog growls when you touch their body - vet check, your dog might be in pain. When your Boxer growls, don't take it personally. ❌ Instead, try to understand WHY he's doing it. 🤔 Being able to read your dog's emotions will build mutual trust and improve your relationship. ⚠️ Don't confuse playful vocalization/growl with fear or aggression response. If you are unsure why your Boxer growls, ask a specialist. ⚠️


Myth: Playing tug of war will make your Boxer aggressive. Fact: Play is the most bonding activity you can do with your dog. Every dog will enjoy a different part of the play action - some will love the chase element, some will like the moment of grabbing the toy, while others will find tug, pull, and shake the best part of it. But play is more than just an activity. What we can't see is the chemical cocktail of dopamine, serotonin, cortisol level, and endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for keeping the brain happy, coping with stress, and managing pain. Play creates engagement, relationships, improves confidence, and focus. Playing with our Boxers in different situations, out and about, will hugely increase the quality of communication between you and your dog. It also provides an outlet for the dog's natural instincts and prevents practicing unwanted behaviours. I play with my Boxers a few times a day. How about you?


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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ Another lovely review of our Bombproof Boxer Training Club Thank you, Anna 😀 . "We joined the training club when our boxer Halle was 7 months old and in the 3 months we’ve been members the change we’ve seen in her behaviour is unbelievable! She has gone from dragging us on every walk to walking nicely next to the pushchair, she can settle calmly at home and increasingly out and about. She is so well bonded and attached to us and I’ve gone from dreading walking her alone to looking forward to it. We are working through on-lead reactivity around dogs now and although this is still a work in progress, we already have loads of tools to help us to help Halle and we feel so well supported by Justyna and all the other group members! We’ve made so much more progress here than we did in the in-person training groups and are grateful every day that we joined this club!" - Anna Pollard


Does you Boxer struggle to focus on you around distractions? Watch these five simple tips 👇


Last weekend I competed in agility with my Mini Aussie and took the opportunity of a new, busy environment to do engagement, focus, and obedience training with my Boxer, Khaleesi. Below is full, unedited video of our session. I love training my boxers in different environments as it boosts their confidence and helps to generalise the most important skill: ignoring distractions! I mainly film sessions for my own purposes, so I can look back later and see what needs improvement. Khaleesi can definitely work around dogs, noises, people, etc. While her performance was pretty good, there were moments when I had to assist her to continue or make things easier so she would succeed. Overall, I am very pleased with my baby girl 🥰 Exercises we did include: engagement game, heelwork (not the same as loose lead walking), present, down stay, middle, recall, hand touch, spin & twist, leg contact. Before anyone starts commenting on her jumping, I've asked for it and used it as an extra reinforcer.


🏆 March Boxer of the Month award goes to Jinny! 🏆 A bit of backstory: Jinny is a rescue Boxer from Bulgaria, and she joined her forever family in the UK when she was about 1 year old. Jinny has been lacking in confidence and was quite a shy girl. Some environments or situations were just too overwhelming for her. As a result, taking her out for training has been challenging. Moreover, everything was distracting her. She was not a fan of dogs, especially if they invaded her space. On top of that, she lost her best Boxer mate, Frank, which impacted her confidence even more. She now has a new 'brother,' Joey, and they get along very well, but at the beginning, it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. With all that going on, Jinny's mum, Adele, has been absolutely fantastic in helping her girl navigate life's struggles, building her confidence and trust. Today, Jinny is bombproof! Her confidence is much higher, the bond between her and her mum is absolutely beautiful, she ignores dogs and other distractions on walks, she is not worried by novelty, her recall and loose lead walking are great, and she loves training, no matter the environment. She is just a star 🌟. This is another example of what can be achieved with the right tools and knowledge. Massive congratulations to Jinny and Adele 🧡


Well, well...this news channel has just announced the launch of the "Boxerlator," a device designed to translate your Boxer's thoughts and feelings into human language. This innovative technology promises to revolutionise the way we communicate with our dogs. Click here for the full story:


🐣 Hoppy Easter to all the Boxer-loving peeps out there! 🐣 May your Easter break be filled with lots of treats, tail wags, and slobbery kisses from your favorite four-legged bunny. 🐰🐾 P.S. Remember, chocolate is toxic for dogs, so let's keep their Easter treats dog-friendly! 🚫


The Dos and Don'ts of Boxer Dog Training: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes 🐶 . 🙅‍♂️ Being Inconsistent: Consistency is key when training your Boxer dog. Stick to clear expectations and avoid changing rules mid-session. . 🐾 Not Starting Training Early Enough: Start training early to establish good habits and prevent bad ones. Boxer puppies are receptive to training and can learn new behaviors quickly. . 🚫 Using Negative Reinforcement: Don't hit or yell at your Boxer. Positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praise encourage good behaviour and build trust. . 🙏 Expecting Too Much Too Soon: Keep expectations realistic and break training into achievable goals. Celebrate successes and avoid frustration. . 🔁 Not Enforcing Training Consistently: Reinforce training once a new behavior is learned. Consistent reinforcement solidifies good habits and encourages desired behavior. . 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Overall, avoiding these common mistakes will create a positive and successful training experience for your dog. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, Boxer dogs can be well-behaved and happy pets.


🌷🎉 April at Bombproof Boxer Training Club: Gearing Up for Joyful Walks with Loose Lead Legends Training Plan 🎉🌷 Spring is in the air, and with the weather (hopefully!) getting nicer, it's the perfect time for you and your Boxer to spend more time outdoors. At Bombproof Boxer Training Club, we're focusing on making those outdoor adventures as pleasant as possible. This April, we're going back to work with the Loose Lead Legends Training Plan, dedicated to mastering the art of loose lead walking. It's not just a skill—it's the key to stress-free, enjoyable walks. 🌷🐕 What's Happening in April: 🗓️ 12 April: Facebook Live - "How to Use Bombproof Boxer Resources Without Feeling Overwhelmed?" Dive into practical tips and guidance on maximizing the wealth of resources available within the club, ensuring a smooth and productive training journey. 🗓️ 14 April: Zoom Training Class Don't miss our interactive Zoom training class. It's a great chance to learn new skills, refine old ones, and connect with fellow Boxer lovers. 🗓️ 26 April: Ask Me Anything Facebook Live Have burning questions? We're here to answer them. Join us for an AMA session and get personalised advice for your Boxer's training and well-being. 🌟 Back to Basics with the Loose Lead Legends Training Plan: Within our club, you'll find the Loose Lead Legends Training Plan, specially tailored for Boxers. It's your step-by-step guide to achieving seamless walks, focusing on gradual and successful learning experience for you and your Boxer. Already a Member? Here's what you've got: ✅ Instant Access to 100+ Training Videos 🎥 ✅ Tailored Training Plans 📝 ✅ Baby Boxer Course 🐕 ✅ In-Depth Discussions 📖 ✅ Ongoing Support 🤝 ✅ Plus, Exciting Bonuses! 🎁 Not yet a part of our community? April is the perfect time to join and transform your walks into the highlight of your day: 👉


🐾 How to Train BOMBPROOF RECALL with Your Boxer? 🐾💥 🔹 Liven up your training sessions to make them the highlight of your Boxer's day! 🎉 Keep them engaging, exciting, and above all, fun! 🔹 Every moment spent training together should feel like the best time of their life. 🔹 Spark their curiosity and make them eager to discover what fun awaits each time you call their name. 🔹 Remember to keep your training sessions short and end on a high note, leaving them looking forward to more! Become the ultimate playmate, and you'll see recall training turn into a breeze for you and your dog! 🐾💨 🌟 Inside the Bombproof Boxer Training Club, you'll find our exclusive "Recall Heroes Game Plan" tailored specifically for Boxers. This plan is your key to unlocking a reliable recall, making every training session enjoyable for you and your Boxer. 😄🐾 👉 Check it out: Remember, a strong recall is the gateway to endless adventures with your Boxer. Let's make every call a call to adventure! 🐶🌍


Ditch the Bowl: The Power of Hand-Feeding in Training Your Boxer 🐾 Every mealtime is a chance to strengthen the bond with your Boxer and reinforce good behaviours. Instead of simply letting your Boxer gobble down their meal from a bowl, consider using their regular food as a training opportunity or enrichment activity. Why Hand-Feed? 🖐🍖 Reward Opportunities: Each piece of food can be an opportunity to reward your Boxer. Remember: what gets rewarded, gets repeated. So, make the most of every bite! Builds Trust: Hand-feeding can help your Boxer see you as a provider and friend, fostering a deeper bond of trust between you. Prevents Resource Guarding: By hand-feeding, your Boxer will learn there's no need to guard their food from you, helping to reduce aggressive tendencies. Controlled Eating: For those Boxers who eat too quickly, hand-feeding can be a way to pace their eating, ensuring they chew properly and digest their food better. Enhances Training: Using their regular food as a reward during training sessions can make lessons more effective. It's a treat they're familiar with and love! Encourages Engagement: Hand-feeding promotes proximity, eye contact, and active engagement with you. This can be especially useful for training sessions, helping your Boxer focus on the task at hand. Strengthens Your Bond: At its core, hand-feeding is an intimate activity. It brings you and your Boxer closer, nurturing a stronger, more understanding relationship. So next mealtime, consider ditching the bowl and using mealtime as an opportunity for training and bonding. Your Boxer will love the extra attention, and you'll love the benefits! Want to delve deeper into ditching the bowl? 📖 Download our 'Ditch The Bowl Guide' - check the link in the first comment below.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ Thank you, Tamara for such a great review of our Bombproof Boxer Training Club 😀 . "I learned so much from the Training Club, which has led to my doggie and I having a balanced and happy bond. In the beginning he was not my biggest fan, jumping and biting me every chance he got. When I started of with foundations and boundaries, this quickly changed. We still train every day and we face a challenge which I have no idea how to deal with, there is Justyna and the training club members to advice and get me on the right track. I have not regretted for a minute being part of this positive, supporting training club, looking forward to many more wise lessons!" - Tamara Verstraelen